mardi 7 mai 2013

The Danish brunch

Denmark is not renown for its cuisine. In the past, Danish people ate mostly pork and potatoes. This has been changing recently as Denmark has embraced innovative cuisine. But that is not what I am going to talk about today.

What do I like about Danish cuisine?


The smoothie tasted like real strawberries! Notice the man in the background drinking beer whilst sunning himself - how Danish! Author of photo: Den Nation.

This is hands down the country for eating brunch. Everyone eats brunch here and it is often served late into the afternoon.

Of course North America does brunch as well, but it's different. In Canada brunch is a full breakfast, often served with homefries, pancakes with maple syrup, sausages, bacon and eggs and bread. It is usually served until 12pm, but some places do all-day breakfasts.

The Danish brunch is more varied than its North American counterpart. No brunch is the same while in Canada they are pretty much the same everywhere (I'm talking about what is served, not the quality).

Most restaurants that serve brunch in Denmark offer a vegetarian option. I never thought I would readily choose the vegetarian option, but I have never regretted it. And I love meat! The Danes are really innovative with their vegetarian brunches. That's why I like to order the vegetarian brunch - I like to be surprised.

Brunch buffet by the lakes. The quality was as good as a regular brunch. Even my husband said that the croissant wasn't bad. Author of photo: Den Nation.

The Danish brunch involves a combination of the following: eggs, sausages, bacon, bread and fruit. I have also seen baked potatoes, avacados, pastries, hummus and other dips, pâté, pasta, boiled eggs, pancakes, smoked salmon, cheese, jam, chocolate mousse, brownies, etc.

Regardless of whether or not you order a vegetarian platter or a non-vegetarian platter, you are always served yoghurt. I absolutely love yoghurt in Denmark as it is often topped with museli and honey.

Vegetarian platter. The drink is a non-alcoholic mojito. Author of photo: Den Nation.

I love the bread in Denmark. Of course French white bread is very good, but French dark bread is not. I love all the different dark, grainy breads on offer in the bakeries here. I really enjoy buying fresh bread at the bakeries (no supermarket stuff, it's not the same!) in Denmark - whoever thought I would love dark bread so much?!

I loved the smoothie that came with this brunch. My French tourists highly approved of the cheese. Author of photo: Den Nation.

I can't wait to try out another brunch!

6 commentaires:

  1. I am a huge fan of yogourt and granola!

    I have never truly understood the concept of brunch because I have never been a breakfast person anyway, and rarely have three meals a day. That said, the plate looks awesome, exactly my kind of foo, a little bit of everything.

    1. Yes, the yogourt and granola are amazing here. Even the cheapest of supermarkets sell basic granola oats and then small packets of different types of dried fruit, nuts and grains. You can construct your own breakfast!

  2. Oh my goodness - that all looks just so amazing!! I have never really done brunch, I don't think. Looks fantastic though,

    1. Living in Denmark certainly has made me re-examine brunch. I had no idea brunch could be so good! I've discovered that Germany also has similar ideas about brunch. France doesn't know how to do brunch at all (at least in Bordeaux they don't) and I'll be talking about that here in the near future!

  3. If I ever come to Denmark, I'm so getting a vegetarian brunch with all the fixins'! Looks delish! (and I love dark breads too, like rye and pumpernickel).

    1. Yes, I love dark bread! Despite all the hoopla France receives thanks to its bread, I've got say, France doesn't know how to do dark bread at all. It's been such a breath of fresh air here with all the offerings for dark bread. I'm dreading going back to France - I have less digestion problems here thanks to the high-fibre diet.