jeudi 10 janvier 2013

Neither here nor there

My heart thumped wildly as the plane shook during a patch of turbulence. I thought back over the past three weeks: delicious food, the company of family and friends and the winter landscape. Normally I am not teary-eyed at the thought of going back to Europe, but this time was different. Just what was I going back to? And most importantly, where?

We are between two countries. We are about to leave France for Denmark. We are homeless now, having let out our flat before going to Canada for Christmas. We have fantastic friends here in Bordeaux who are able to put us up until we ship out on the 21st. I can't believe the time has almost come for us to leave for Denmark. I dream that our lives will be put on hold while we are in Denmark, that when we return in September to Bordeaux everything will be as we left it. It cannot be. And that is what scares me the most - coming back after 7 months, not leaving. People move on, life changes. I hope that I will be able to find my place here again. These thoughts are forever on my mind. Not to mention the fact that my husband has already been offered a permanent contract in Denmark. We already know we have to come back for at least a year, and for the moment we don't think we will accept the permanent contract, but what happens if we really like it there? Or worse, we are divided between the two countries? Am I really ready to leave Bordeaux forever?

Only time will tell.

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