dimanche 1 septembre 2013

I'm back

Hello everyone and welcome to September, my favourite month of the year!

This summer just passed me by in a blur; it seems like just yesterday that it was only starting. I can't believe I last posted in July. I missed posting and thought about blogging, but I physically couldn't find the time to sit down and post. I couldn't even keep up with all the blogs I love to read. It was all I could do to keep up with my professional work. Every year I swear I will work more in August when everyone else is on holiday, but every year I get caught up in the French way (not only French actually) of travelling in August.

I spent July in Copenhagen welcoming many visitors to Denmark and into our home. I never imagined that we would have so many people come visit us! I also took Danish classes the entire month of July and discovered that I liked the language more and more as the month wore on. August saw us travelling a lot: we came back to Bordeaux to bring back some of our belongings, went to visit family and friends in Grenoble, went on a last minute trip to Bulgaria and spent one last week in Copenhagen. Our last few minutes in Copenhagen saw us running in the rain to the metro. In all of our months in Copenhagen, it only rained a couple of times. Then, just as we are leaving, it was as if the gods were angry and all of the previous months' built-up rain was dumped on us in the span of a few minutes. Seriously, I have rarely seen it rain that much in such a short span of time. I guess it really was time to go.

Bordeaux hasn't changed that much and I am so glad for that. Before leaving in January I was so afraid to leave because I was afraid of change, but now I am just so happy to be back here in our apartment. We had a couple of issues with public transport (every time we fly through CDG I swear it's the last time), but of course it wouldn't be France without some sort of pesty problem coming up.

I'm just looking forward to September: the last few days of hot weather, the availability of so many great fruits and vegetables, the leaves changing colour, grapes ripening on the grapevines and the way the light hits the landscape.

When did I become like this? When I was an adolescent in Canada I used to abhor the last months of the year. I swore that I would never like autumn and winter. Now the crushing summer heat bothers me more and more. I like long winter nights, isn't that weird?

Christiana, an autonomous hippy neighbourhood of Copenhagen.
Author of photo: Den Nation.
Good-bye Denmark, Copenhagen and summer.

Monument aux Girondins during the October fair in Bordeaux.
Author of photo: Den Nation.
Hello France, Bordeaux and autumn.

4 commentaires:

  1. Welcome back! It seems like only yesterday you were here at my house :) Can't wait to hear about your Bulgaria trip.

    And like you, I hate heat and am anxiously awaiting the return of Autumn. The Alps are really pretty too that time of year, and I love cool, crisp air. I think the Fall would be a good time to make a trip over to Bordeaux, too!

    1. I hate working when it's sunny and hot outside. I feel like I should be outside taking advantage of all the nice weather. When it's cold, I want nothing more than to stay inside with a nice hot cup of tea while working away in my apartment. I hate really cold weather, but I love fall temperatures and just the feeling of fall.

  2. Welcome back! I was thinking of you the other when I realized I hadn't read an update in a while. September (and fall) is a gorgeous time of the year in Canada and I learned to enjoy it :-)

    1. There's nothing like fall in Canada: there are few places on earth that can offer such an untouched rainbow of colourful leaves. There are plenty of colourful leaves here as well, but it can never compare to Canada.

      The good thing about living in Bordeaux during fall is the grapevines. I love seeing the grapes ripening on the vines. I love Bordeaux's morning fog as well (in November) that plays in the success of making Sauternes wine, France's most famous sweet wine. I can't wait to take my bike out around the grapevines when the fog arrives.