mercredi 6 février 2013

So this is Denmark

Barely 3 days into our Danish experience, we have already settled into everyday life. We arrived after a hectic journey ladden down with heavy suitcases Sunday evening; Monday morning my husband was at work. We were welcomed by snow which disappeared right away, thankfully.

Even though it is snowing now, we have been spared the worst of winter here; namely, December and January when the sun sets very early. Right now there is an hour's difference with Paris; luckily this will disappear shortly.

We haven't really had time to do much since we arrived. Paperwork, buying food and house items and getting our bearings in our new neighbourhood have taken up most of our time. Monday night I was hit with a horrible headache that lasted all day Tuesday and which I can still feel today. I wonder if it is stress? I have to wonder, though, how can it be since I have everything going for me in my life?

I have a wonderful husband, a warm bed, good food to eat and am living my dream life in Europe. I do have everything. I am eternally grateful for how my life has turned out.

Nyhavn waterfront in Copenhagen. Author of photo: Dennation

So what I am saying is that I not disappointed with this mundane life. I wanted to live abroad and this is it - I am happy to experience living everyday life in Denmark. Anyway, there will be plenty of travel opportunities here in the months to come. Let's see what we'll get up to for the weekend!

Wish me luck as we are going to sort out our immigration status here in Denmark this afternoon... gulp. I'm off...

A special thanks to Crystal for your advice regarding watermarks and photographs.

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  1. Sounds like things are going great for you so far in Denmark and it seems like such an exciting adventure! I'm a bit jealous, though I guess I've got my own little adventure coming up in a few months.

    Good luck with dealing with the immigration stuff and enjoy your time in Denmark. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing more pictures. I've been wanting to visit Copenhagen for years and that photo just makes me want to go even more!

  2. Well, believe it or not, I'm jealous of you too! You get to spend the entire summer in Bordeaux and your in-laws live right by the coast. I love the beaches along the coast in Gironde. So wild and natural, unlike a lot of the Mediterranean coast. I love jumping up and down in the waves!

    I hope you visit Copenhagen one day! Unfortunately, there is no direct flight from Bordeaux (this falls under one of the points I touched upon in my cons list for Bordeaux) but maybe from Toulouse? I find Copenhagen to be a great city to live in - a great vibe, not overwhelming, and calm for a quiet person like me.

    1. Well, I must admit I'm also looking forward to going to the beach as much as possible!

      I had been waiting years for an inexpensive flight to Copenhagen from Paris, and when EasyJet finally started the route, I had to be leaving Europe for the US, so I never got to take advantage of I won't have the option again...sigh. But I'm determined to get there one day! Until then I'll just live vicariously through your blog and enjoy your photos!

    2. Yup, we always go up to Paris for the direct flight to Copenhagen. It's really too bad there is nothing from Bordeaux because I really like the airport. Oh, just a tip, I don't know where you will be living, but you can get to the Bordeaux airport by public transport. There is a private airport shuttle bus that leaves from the gare and stops of at Gambetta in the centre of Bordeaux but the bus costs 12 euros return. If you have a pass for the public transport you can go to the airport for free (there are no zones in Bordeaux, unlike Paris). Otherwise, I always buy the 10 trip ticket, which at 11.30 is just over 1 euro a trip. The bus number 1 from Quinconces in the centre of Bordeaux goes direct to the airport. It takes about 40 minutes to get from Quinconces to the airport. So if you live along that line, it's super easy and cheap to get to the airport. All depends on where you will be living.

  3. I love the photo! It's just what I imagined Denmark to look like, lol.

    Good luck with the settling in part - I usually get stress headaches too when dealing with that sort of thing.

    And I'd LOVE to come visit one day, too. How long are you there for, again?

    Bisous from the Alps!

    1. Denmark is a lot like the Netherlands in the sense that it's pretty flat, has cute houses and lots of water. And then there's all the bikes.

      Yes, maybe it just was the change, the fear of the unknown as well.

      You should go! I think there might be a direct flight from Lyon. I'm here at least until the end of July and maybe August. We have to be back in Bordeaux by September at the latest, in time for the next school year.

    2. Well I might just show up on your doorstep with a suitcase, then! lol

      Go check out my blog for a fun surprise ;)